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This is the original Cardboard Box Church. The cardboard was given to me by Scott Lee, who received it from Sid Roth. Scott and Sid both had a vision of Cardboard Box Church. 

Once I put it together, Ahava and I set it up many times on Trade Street in Charlotte, North Carolina. Since then, we've taken it across the U.S.A. to numerous cities and towns.

Thomas Fischer is an ordained minister and the pastor of Cardboard Box Church. The church is registered as an Unincorporated Association, which is one of four different ways to form a church for the purpose of non-profit status. 

All churches are tax exempt. Contributions that come into Cardboard Box Church from individuals are considered Charitable Contributions that can be deducted on Schedule A of the IRS Tax Forms. 


A church doesn't have to be a big, expensive building.

The church is spiritual and consists of believers in Jesus Christ. The meeting place can be anywhere.  

Tom & Ahava are currently based in Florida.

Ahava has her own website


Cardboard Box Church has changed its look quite a few times. The image below is the latest model set up in St. Augustine, Florida.

Church Establishment Affidavit.png
Foundational Beliefs for Ordination.png