• Thomas Fischer

Essential Oils and The Bible

Essential oils are the life force in every plant and tree that God created. Plants and trees are everywhere in the world, hence, essential oils are everywhere in the world. Although not all plants and trees are identified in the bible, many of them are mentioned in the bible and referred to in a spiritual way. For example, the Cedars of Lebanon have a spiritual meaning of strength and longevity. The medicinal compounds in cedarwood are not mentioned in the bible, but their power is easily inferred, meaning, cedarwood oil is good for your health as regards to strength and longevity. Cedarwood oil addresses a number of ailments, or issues.

Perhaps the most widely known biblical essential oils are frankincense and myrrh, which are two of the three gifts brought to Jesus Christ after he was born. These two essential oils have incredibly powerful medicinal compounds in them, but they're not the only powerful biblical essential oils.

Some of the other oils, or trees and plants that produce oils, which are mentioned in the bible are, hyssop, myrtle, cypress, cinnamon, juniper and as mentioned earlier, cedarwood. There are others, but I only mention these because mentioning others begins to raise questions. What I mean by that, is that there's no exact science for knowing if the oil producing trees and plants of the bible are in fact the same oils we're identifying today as biblical oils.

In no way does this discredit the power of essential oils. Most people in the world easily understand that God made the plants and trees throughout the world and that there are medicinal compounds in all of them. I've used many essential oils and can attest to their power to bring healing and order in various ways.


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