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Essential Oils and the Bible

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Essential Oils and the Bible

If you haven't heard the news. Tom & I are officially distributors of Young Living Oils. :)

We love the products so much that we are tying them in with our ministry.

While we do not sell products, we invite others to become members & distributors of Young Living.

We remain evangelists FOR LIFE and will always minister for the Lord Jesus.

And we are aware that ministry takes on many forms.

From the traditional to the unconventional.

We've learned to flow with the Holy Spirit as He leads us through new seasons.

We believe the Lord is leading us to do a new thing.

Introducing a biblical business to our ministry.

We also believe that He is setting up many Christians for a blessing!

Membership with Young Living Essential Oils is a means of-

GAINING KNOWLEDGE OF THE SCRIPTURES - Researching the Word for the prophetic significance & spiritual meaning of oils.

MINISTRY - Reaching the marketplace by tying essential oils with scriptures.

PASSIVE INCOME - gaining residual income.

We are currently making plans including online teaching events, that will allow you to grow in the knowledge of scriptures as you explore and experiment with your oils.

Watch for updates soon! :)

Warmest Shalom,

Ahava Sarah Fischer



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