Bringing the Church to the Streets!

in the late summer of 2008, The lord gifted Thomas fischer with a powerful healing anointing.

since then he has felt the power of the Holy Spirit in his hands everyday. he began evangelizing consistently on the streets, ministering and teaching in the united states & across the world.


in 2013, he married ahava Sarah Fischer who joined him in full-time ministry.

since then, they have travelled across the nations preaching the good news of the gospel with a demonstration of power. 

in 2016, cardboard box church was launched.the mobile church became the vehicle for a unique ministry within the us.

" God also bearing them witness, both with signs and wonders and diverse miracles, and gifts of the Holy Ghost,

according to his own will. "

- Hebrews 2:4

 Tel Aviv, Israel 

Key West, Florida

 Tel Aviv, Israel 

 West Palm Beach, Florida 

 San Diego , California 

Charlotte, North Carolina

 Pensacola, Florida 

 Detroit, Michigan 

 Inverness, Scotland  

 Freehold, New Jersey 

Winston Salem, North Carolina 

Orangeburg, South Carolina 

 Jackson, New Jersey 

Carlotte, North Carolina



 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

 Tel Aviv, Israel 



 New Jersey 

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