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Thomas Francis & Ahava Sarah Fischer Bio


Tom and Ahava Fischer are Christian evangelists who minister in the marketplace.


The Fischers are a husband and wife team who run Cardboard Box Church - a mobile church made of cardboard and duct tape that brings the church to the streets! Tom is the pastor of Cardboard Box Church.


While they are based in the US, they have also traveled the world, venturing out into the highways and byways, with the compelling message of the gospel so that the house of God may be filled. (as in Luke 14:23)


Led by faith, they have evangelized across the nations. Signs, wonders and miracles follow them as they bring the good news of the Kingdom to the streets.


They teach and disciple others to lead a life of adventure as guided by the Holy Spirit.


The various healings, salvations and encounters they experience are often documented in an online Youtube ministry reaching a global audience. 

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